My son Charles

I have been blessed in such extraordinary ways in my life. One of the highest honors and blessings that I felt I’ve ever had is the relationship I have with my son. I have always been able to talk about everything with him, no subject was considered taboo.

I’ve always known that he loves me and that he cares about me but I did not expect this kind of public confirmation. I have often said and will say again that he was a gift from the Lord. Because there is no way that he could have turned out so well when you consider who his parents are. Trust me that is not me being humble, that is me simply stating a fact. He has not had an easy life, in fact, he’s been very alone in his life in many ways. Despite the hardships he has endured he never ceases to amaze me and to bring me joy.

Now, Charles has made me cry tears of joy once again. He just posted the most wonderful words he could have ever written to bring me joy on his Facebook. I am so blessed. The following is what he posted.

day #4 Family can be all that you have

Despite the problems that I have with my extended family, my definition of the word has great importance and meaning to me. Family has always been important to me. Family comes with certain ties and expectations that I believe are well deserved. To have a sizable family is to be instantly accepted into a network of people that you can have reasonable trust in and knowledge that if you fall on hard times there is a support system waiting for you. At least this is what I want for my future descendants. It may be a bit high an expectation but in a way it shouldn’t be because we should already have a fondness for our fellow man, so having fondness for a family member ought not be that big an issue. The family network should also be viewed as a place of vast knowledge and experience. In my case my mom is my primary source of knowledge, experience, support, encouragement, guidance, and all such things. It has been me and my mom for some time now, as well as my dad, but my mother and I have a much closer relationship. She has been a principal figure in my life and has helped to give me definition to what real family means. Many times before and even now she is someone that I can openly talk to about whatever might be going on in my life. In spite of the hard times that we have fallen under in the past we never stopped helping each other in whatever way we were able. An old mantra that we used to say when we started getting a little heated towards each other was “we’re all we have, so lets be nice to each other”. After that we would have a bit of a laugh and go on as before like nothing happened. This was our way of acknowledging that we still loved each other despite life being a royal pain at the time.

I hope today you find some time to appreciate those members of your family that have been by your side through the tough times. Those that continue to help, love, and support you, sometimes in spite of yourself, as you continue on your journey of life and consciously make an effort to be a part of it. Till tomorrow everyone.


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