Sand, Stone and a Sherman Tank

Posted elsewhere sometime earlier this year. 



First it was the stone. Stones all over the roads, okay, not roads, these little tiny trails that my GPS took me on. Up and down ravines, out in the wilds of Arizona. More than stones, great big rocks. My van bucked and jumped her way up these short, steep, little hills and slid and slipped down the other side. I actually wound up going places I probably would not have gone in a four by four but my van just traveled on like she was a Sherman tank, nothing could stop her. Now I will admit there were times when I was hanging on for dear life, wondering what on earth I was doing out there.

Oh yes, what was I doing out there? Planning the work and working the plan.

What? That did not help you understand exactly what I’m talking about?

Lol. Okay I’ll give you a break, I was looking for dirt. Dirt cheap dirt. To use a more familiar vernacular… I was looking for dirt cheap land to buy.

I had planned on buying in Snowflake, Arizona. But I have come to realize that Snowflake is no longer an option for me. My doctor is the one that pointed it out. He told me to listen to my body and listen to what it was telling me. I was better since leaving Snowflake. But, I knew that area so well and it really was the cheapest dirt you could find in Arizona and I was kind of floundering about what to do.

That’s when a friend told me ‘When the easy answer doesn’t pan out, you have to plan out the work of looking for the land somewhere else and then work that plan.’

I set up a plan. At first, there was a brief flirtation with the possibility of Colorado as a place to live. But the little bit of research that I did on that state, showed there were too many problems with Colorado. At least, as far as I was concerned. So, I went back to looking around Arizona.

Arizona does still have areas that have dirt cheap dirt for sale. I spent the last week wandering around Southern Arizona looking for places where I could possibly live.

Naturally, at least for me, this means that I was going to be looking on the outer edges of any community because the better properties would cost more than I could afford.

Then too, I am going to be looking for places that are on the outskirts or out in the wilds because I can’t be too near a town, or a factory, or a power plant, or any kind of industry.

To make it even more interesting, just moving out into the country does not always work. If there’s any farming in the area, I can’t be around it either because of the pesticides and all the other things that they use to “make our garden grow” these days.

Now in some ways there are positives to this. It means that the dirt I’m looking for is dirt that most people wouldn’t want in the first place. This means dirt cheap dirt really can work for me.

So here I was out in the wilds of Southern Arizona looking for dirt.

Now allow me to outline some of the issues with owning a Sherman tank. I have a 1977 Ford with a big Windsor 8 in it. She really is built like a Sherman tank. She’s got two hundred and forty seven thousand miles on her and proud of every mile. As I’ve been traveling around and doing a lot of boondocking out in the wilderness here and there this last year. I have been getting to know her. My Jehosheba, she’s pretty tough and she can go a lot of places. Now I did say there was an issue with owning a Sherman tank. The problem is you get the feeling that she’s indestructible and that you can go any where.

After that trip up rocky hills and crazy little ravines where there was barely a trail to follow, I really did get the feeling she could handle just about anything.

There was a ten acre piece for $4000 that I really wanted to look at. The realtor told me that the road ended about a half a mile before you got to the property but I thought hey, if I could get that close at least I’ll be able to look at the land.

So I turn down Mule Deer Road on the outskirts of Pearce, Arizona. What I saw I was a little road. Dirt, yes, but much more than a trail. It was a nice, flat, reasonable looking dirt road that didn’t look bad at all compared to the rocky places I had been on the day before.

Then there was the sand…

Just so you know you should never take a Sherman tank out into the sand. I think the pictures can do the rest of the talking for me.








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