Running Close Hauled

Previously posted elsewhere May 14, 2014

Riding on the edge. Breeze in my face, feeling the splash of the spray as the bow hits the waves. Sail taunt in the wind and the sheets almost humming in my hands.

Sun over my shoulder warming my back and making the water before me dance with points of brilliant light.

Feeling the ripples of the water running under my tiny craft. I can feel it in the heels of my feet as I brace against those sudden little shifts of wind. 

Sailing a long tack before I yell “Gybe Ho” to the sky. The sail on the boom swings over my head and snaps back into play as I head off across the water feeling all the worries of life streaming away as my little boat and I enjoy each moment of our day.

Sometimes. …. I just need to talk about it you know?? Still waiting to sail my little beauty. Been far too long since I have been sailing. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Running Close Hauled

  1. I loved your post. What beautiful and interesting person you are. You are the kind of person I would choose for a friend. I’m happy that you have made a joyous life for yourself. God Bless You.

    • thank you so much for your lovely comment. I do try to find the joy in everything in my life. It’s not always easy! 🙂 but I do try. Take care and may the Lord bless you as well.

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