The Shepherds Wagon

What is a shepherd’s wagon or hut as it is sometimes called? I am so glad you asked!  The site listed below has a line in it that is so apropos to what I’m about to tell you.

There is a line from a book that was written in 1596 about the shepherds hut.

The small yet important description appears in this book “in some place the Shepheard hath his cabbin going upon a wheele for to remove here and there at his pleasure”.

To remove here and there at his (or her) pleasure. I have a modern day shepherds wagon!  This is a homemade little trailer and the builder told me that he designed it based on the shepherds wagon. To give you an idea of what an old fashioned shepherds wagon or hut looks like, here are a few pictures that I have collected from online.


Some Shepherds Wagons are large. Please note, Dual Axles!


But Dual Axles don’t necessarily mean large! This one is quite small.


Some are very simple in design


Others can be quite elegant.

 Then there is my little beauty!


At first glance, one would think that the previous owner and builder of my modern day shepherds wagon decided to go for very small and very simple in his design. Small she may be, she is only 11 feet long from the tip of her hitch to her bumper.  However, in many ways, she is very elegant and there is much more to her than meets the eye.


Underneath her mighty prow, which helps her aerodynamically, is a storage area with a spare tire and will also be able to hold my propane tank.


A nice little light and a good roof vent which I plan to paint white to protect it from the sun. Plus the bar you see is above the door to steady your decent!


If you look closely you will see that the door is cut in half. The Dutch door is so much fun and is actually of benefit. When the bottom half is closed on a cool morning it actually helps to keep your tootsies warm!


When you step inside on the left and the right are two seats. This one has a lid that lifts so you can get to the breaker box and has plenty of storage room.


A table pulls out from under the bed and is in the perfect position to be used by both seats. The seat on the right hand side comes apart completely and there is enough room for my privy!


The bed is big! The trailer is mostly bed. It is made of two different layers of foam. The softer one on top with a very firm foam underneath that. You can just see that he had not finished all of the details in my beautiful little trailer.

10888952_10203519038278217_4657250697594668139_n (1)

The controller you saw in the previous picture goes to the Air Conditioner! The Sun Flower curtains are one of my favorite features!  Daisies are my favorite flower and to me a Sun Flower is a just a great big Daisy!


I am not sure when or even if I would ever use the air conditioner, but it does fascinate me. He built an enclosed venting system that has a lockable door to the outside. There is also a hidden screen into the prow for equalization.



The bed is set very high, but you can still sit up on the bed with out hitting the ceiling and it gives you a HUGE amount of storage space.


On this side you can also see the box with 4 plugs waiting for a little electricity. Not sure when I may use that but you never know it could come in handy!  There is also a DC plug just above that plug box which is so handy.


She actually has a receiving hitch directly under the door that can be used to haul a bicycle someday!


All stainless steel hardware on the outside means no rust lines running down her sides. This is a clever way to keep the door open. Since it is attached to the top half of the door you can have just that part secured open and close the bottom half.


Have you noticed the unusual texture to her walls inside and out? Maybe not, kind of hard to tell from these pictures but she is covered inside and out with #10 canvas. The Builder tells me that since the canvas soaks in the paint I will not have the chipping that usually happens with bare wood.


Then, of course, there is her sheer cuteness value! This is an adorable little wood pecker hanging back by the door.


Yes! You can pull down on the handle and it will knock, knock knock for you!


That curved roof with the fancy trim on the back makes her look like a little gypsy trailer. In fact, the previous owner/builder and his wife called her Little Gypsy. Since my rig is called Voyager, the Little Vagrant has been suggested as a name. I am not entirely certain yet, I would prefer to find a name that lets you know she was designed after a Shepherds Wagon, but I do believe Little Gypsy suits her.

 The most wonderful thing about my little beauty is that she was an answer to prayer.  Not just for me, but for the owners too.  They were praying that the little trailer would go to someone who would really appreciate her.  I was praying for more space and had almost given up hope. As some of you know, I am Allergic to the 21st Century.  Finding a little trailer that was small enough for my old van to haul was not hard.  But finding a trailer that was built before they had started spraying the inside with fire retardant was proving impossible.  Quite simply because any trailers I found, that I could possibly afford, that were made before 1995, when that law went into effect, were all mold infested.  Yup.  Majorly allergic to that too!

The Good Lord has had His hand all over this!  Another camper was out taking pictures of unusual trailers for his blog.  This little trailer is one he was taking pictures of when the owner came out and told him that it was for sale.  That camper is a dear friend of mine and told me about it!  The builder does not like all of the chemicals that are in use in the world today so he built it as cleanly as he could.  He and his wife are both so grateful that their Little Gypsy is going to someone who will not only appreciate her but will be helped in so many ways because of the care they took in building her.  The Builder told me

“A note, that you may find interesting, is that I actually designed the “gypsy” trailer (as we ended-up calling it) similar to a shepherd’s wagon. So—it seems that the Good Shepherd found you a little shepherd’s wagon to help you live in. He does work in mysterious ways!

God Bless you.”