Enter Through The Narrow Gate


It’s been almost a year since I bought this little wrought iron gate. I have been wanting to get it up on the side of my trailer, but so many other projects of true need kept bumping it down. Then too, I had not firmly decided exactly where I wanted to place it. So I kept waiting.

Then last month, I found some old fashioned looking solar lights to hang outside. They had these little shepherd’s hooks or staffs that you could put in the ground that came with them. I had not even realized they came with the lights until I bought them, brought them home, and opened up the box. I thought it would be cool if I could use them, but didn’t really see how, because the ground here, and in most of the places I camp, is so hard, that trying to drive them into the ground would probably ruin them. So, I just set them aside for awhile.

In the back of my mind, while working on other projects, I toyed with ideas on where to put my new solar lights. I was quite certain I did NOT want them right next to the door.  I did not want to attract every flying night time creature and have them hovering outside my door, just waiting for me to open it, so they could attempt to invade my home! I realized they would have to go along the side of the trailer someplace, but I didn’t want to put them up, until I was sure about where my gate was going to go. So they would have to wait.

I was absolutely determined to decide on a spot for my gate though. I wanted that to happen this winter, before I left Winterhaven.  But where to put it? I really did not like the idea of putting holes in the living section of the trailer, even with putty to seal the holes, but that seemed like the best location. It kept rumbling around in the back of my mind, but I could not settle on anything that seemed just right.

Until …

I was routing through the van searching for something else and had to move the shepherd’s staffs out of the way, again, and it struck me. What if I combined one of these with the gate.  I could put the other staff in the same location but on the opposite side of the trailer. Since it depends on where I park, as to which side of the trailer I will use, to set up my stove and table, I wanted to light up both sides of my trailer. I often switch back and forth from one side to the other, as I move from spot to spot. Yes! I thought. This will work. That way I will have a light on each side and I would still have my symmetry, which would please that aesthetic soul of mine. 

What about the gate you ask? Won’t that torment that burning need I have for balance and symmetry in my life?

I’m glad you asked!

There only needs to be one gate, because of what it represents! I believe there is only one true Way.

The Narrow Gate. Next to it The Shepherd’s Staff, Lighting the Way. Light that will be provided by the Sun. The imagery, the symbolism, all combined and seemed too wonderful for mere words! But I hope I can capture and express, in my words, some of the joy I have felt today.

It suddenly became easy. I knew exactly where to place them. It also became imperative that I place them today and post about it today as well. This has become a need from the very depths of my being.  I don’t know if words could ever describe the joy that I felt, when I realized that waiting, was the right thing to do.  Waiting until it was right.  Waiting until I knew exactly where it was supposed to be and there was no question in my mind that it was the right place and time.

This has so much more meaning than just hanging a piece of wrought iron on the side of my trailer. It is an expression of who I am and what I believe. It’s something I have wanted to do for years, in some form, when I had a home of my own. There is so much more to that part of the story, but I am uncertain on how to express it.  Suffice it to say that this is something which is profoundly important to me. I have longed to have something that speaks to the most important aspect of my life, there, on my home, for anyone and everyone to see.

Waiting for the right time and place. That is something I’m getting better at.

Now I will be able to use this little gate as a conversation piece. When people ask me about my little gate and what the words mean, it will be a wonderful opportunity to tell the story, how it all came together and to talk with people, about what I believe. 

The Words! Yes, I will paint, or make, or in some way create a sign that says “Enter Through the Narrow Gate” to put on the wall right next to it. I believe that I may end up painting them on. In fact, I already have a picture of what it might look like in my mind. Some kind of old fashioned looking font…. Wait! Paint. I have paint… but I need the right color! Blue! A bright blue! That is a royal color! That trip to town may happen earlier then I thought! Now what did I say about waiting? 😉

Waiting until the time is right. Continuing on in your life, in the best way you can. But waiting. This is not a passive waiting. It is anticipatory waiting.  Trying to force a situation or trying to get something to happen before you’re truly ready, will always lead you down a wrong path. At least, it always has for me.  I have been down many wrong paths in my life. Some were just a little bumpy, but others were dark and filled with despair. You can still learn from the journey, but being on the right path, makes it so much easier.

For me, when I make those wrong turns, and wander down paths that are just not right, my prayer is that the good Lord can still use me and teach me, so I don’t make those mistakes again. But I am learning, that despite my mistakes, waiting on the Lord, waiting for His right and good timing, can lead me on incredible journeys of discovery and joy!

My hope and my prayer is that you find your way down the right path on your journey. 


2 thoughts on “Enter Through The Narrow Gate

    • Thank you Roger, there is so much more, but I’m glad to know you found it thoughtful. I wanted it to be special. Yesterday was such a joy! Despite the crazy weather we had that afternoon or perhaps because of it. It was actually pretty amazing. We were supposed to have wind all day long, but the morning was bright, beautiful, clear and calm. It did not get windy until just after, I finished putting my gate up on my wall. Kind of cool, don’t you think?

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