He Makes Me…

I think I’m in terrible trouble!  I’ve just realized! The good Lord is using my penny pinching ways against me! Lol.

It has been, kind of, a challenging few days.  After three visits to the repair shop, in one day! Yes. I’m afraid my poor old van is fading on me. I’m looking for a 1991 or older Ford E250 or E350, because it will make the change over so much easier.  As you can see, my beautiful Jehosheba has new, to me, solar panels and a new solar rack,  designed by yours truly, and built with the help of a neighbor. 


But more on that later. 
After my van was running again, I, then, had to move because of concerns about the weather. Rain in the desert can be a powerful force and I was out past several wash areas.  I just got to another camp, here in Wickenburg, yesterday, rather beyond exhausted, and I was going to stay here and rest for a few days. But I’m having to pay $8 a night to do so and I really don’t like the idea of paying to stay someplace, when I could go somewhere else and stay for free. Yesterday, my worry and concern, and sheer exhaustion, made $8 a day sound, not too bad.  But I’m doing a little better and balking at paying for the whole weekend.   I have the funds available, it’s the principal of the matter! Besides, I am trying to save for a newer van!

So, I was thinking about trying to get down to one of my favorite spots south of Tucson sooner, like, tomorrow morning. Well, at least leave tomorrow morning.  I’m far too tired, still, to get very far.

Getting in and out of that spot south of Tucson, in the rain, is also challenging.  When I looked at my weather app’s, yes, I have several! You have to, when you camp at the places, I like to camp at. I saw that there was a break in the rain down there. Saturday was supposed to be a clear day and perhaps if I left tomorrow morning, I might be able to get down there and get in before the next rain storm hit.  If I didn’t leave tomorrow morning, then I probably wouldn’t be able to leave until Monday, at the earliest, because of all the rain that we’re going to have here this weekend. Let’s just say that I probably Shouldn’t try to leave, because driving in the rain, when you’re already exhausted, is just not a smart idea!

(I am quite certain, this is just not going to make any sense to anybody but me, and, well, perhaps a few of my crazier friends! Lol.)

Anyway, I need to get the oil changed in my van. I need to get some heavier weight oil in her and I really need to do that BEFORE I take her on another journey across Arizona.   20/50, that’s what I’m going to put in her, so that she’s got a better chance of lasting for a while longer, while I search for a newer van.  There is a shop here that will do a great job for very little money, and if I bring my own oil it’s even less, $8 for the oil change, $5 for the filter! 🙂 My penny-pinching soul, and my concern about my van, is saying, “Yes, do that.” But they don’t have an available spot until tomorrow afternoon. There is no room there for the trailer, and check out time here is at noon. Which means I’ll have to stay an extra night, but if I stay an extra night, then I probably will need to stay for the whole weekend and not leave until Monday. 

I got off the phone, and I suddenly  realized, the good Lord is now using my penny-pinching ways against me!  I can just picture Him, looking down at me, knowing what I’m trying plan, which was my first mistake, and saying, with a long drawn out sigh, fueled by His never ending patience, “Whatever it takes.” I just know the good Lord is trying to force me to rest a little longer. It reminds me of Psalm 23. Where it says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures”.  He doesn’t let me lie down. He doesn’t allow me to rest.  He doesn’t want me to rest. He Makes me lie down in green pastures, leading me near quiet waters.  He refreshes my soul.

So guess who is staying here, in Wickenburg.  At least One more night.  Lol. Okay fine. I guess I’m here for the weekend!

It is, actually, a relief. I won’t have to force myself to get further, faster, when I’m already so tired and I won’t have to worry about the conditions down there in that spot south of Tucson.

The Lord is good, always! Always, the Lord is good!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Thanks for letting me share. Talk to you soon! 🙂


8 thoughts on “He Makes Me…

  1. I’m glad to hear you are staying put Rachel–sounds like a good idea! Not sure if the forecast is different for Wickenburg, but we’re only supposed to get some intermittent showers through Sunday–nothing too major–so hopefully it won’t amount to much for any of us! Take care dear friend

    • Hello Scott, I just found out last night that I may have another reason to stay in Wickenburg for the weekend. I am going to be meeting a lady who is out here living on the road like I am and has some of the same challenges that I do in that she is Allergic to the 21st Century! 🙂 Unfortunately, it sounds like she’s even more allergic than I am, but I hope that we get a chance to meet and that I can find a way to help her.

      I am very glad to hear that you are not going to get very much rain Where You Are! We had a wonderful rain last night, where it rained most of the night, but just a nice calm rain nothing torrential! Lol

      I hope you are both doing well, talk to you soon. 🙂

  2. I am south of Tucson and headed that way, Tucson by Weds. Maybe our paths will cross, again? It rained here all night last night (the van needed a bath), but this evening it looks like it is clearing up.

    • Hi Shutterbugshea,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I will have to thank RVSue, again, Too. She has always been such an encouraging and giving person. I do not have the opportunity to write as often as she does, but I do enjoy writing. You are right in saying I’ve had adventures in thus wild and crazy life of mine. I’m hoping to write more about my latest one soon. I look forward to hearing from you again. 🙂

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