But I said “No!”

I did not want to get back into the music industry. “No!” I had told my son that repeatedly, and yet every time he would come to see me, he would question why I wouldn’t do something in music. I have a best friend, who was also questioning why I would not get back into the music industry. I explained, to both of them, that I had seen what the music industry could do to people. I had seen it destroy families, friends, and ruin people’s lives. Then last winter my friend told me “But it wouldn’t be like that this time.”

“Because you would be the one calling the shots. You would be the one to say whether or not you would sing, at whichever places, or even what songs you’d sing.” Well that made me think, but I still said “No.” I had people asking me all the time for CDs, or any way to share my music, and I always had to say, regrettably, “No.”  So that was that. I was content to sing for the Lord alone, outside my little camper, and if any one happened to hear it, I would pray they would be blessed by my music.

At this particular site, I am the only one around for miles. In fact, most of the places I stay, I am alone. It is best for my health, but makes it hard for people to hear me sing. I do get together with a few people to play and sing when I am staying at the LTVA north of Yuma in the wintertime. So I am not isolated ALL of the time! :)

At this particular site, I am the only one around for miles. In fact, most of the places I stay, I am alone. It is best for my health, but makes it a bit hard for people to hear me sing. I do get together with a few people to play and sing when I am staying at the LTVA north of Yuma in the wintertime.  So I am not isolated All of the time! 🙂

Then my son, Charles, had to come help me in May. Shortly after he got here, something happened that had not happened in years. Because he was here to help, I was actually able to sing a solo at church!  It felt so good to be able to sing for the Lord, knowing that I was sharing my love of the Lord, with others, through my music!

That afternoon, Charles asked me, “Mom, so, your voice and your music, that’s a gift, right?” I told him, “Yes, honey, I can’t take any of the credit for it.  It’s a gift from the Lord.” I will never forget how he leaned forward, looked me right in the eye, with a very serious look, one I had only seen a few times from my son.  Then he asked “So. What are you doing with it?”

Well that floored me! He had asked me so many times about sharing my music, but this is the first time that he asked me in a way, that really pierced my heart. After a long night of prayer, I told Charles that he was right, and this time he suggested that I record a CD. That way I could share my music with others, without being overwhelmed by the industry. We looked into different ways of recording it ourselves, but there was so much that needed to happen in my little world, that we never had the time. But I promised him that we would figure out a way to do it.

The last Sunday he was here, we went to my wonderful little church. It was one of those Sundays where we had a potluck.  One of the ladies came up to me, as we were getting food from the table, and said “My husband and I have a recording studio in our home, and we would like to offer you the opportunity to create a CD, because other people need to hear your music. You need to share your gift.” As you can imagine, I was floored once again! I sat down, with tears in my eyes, and told her what an incredible answer to prayer this was. Then we went back into the dining room and I asked her to tell my son about it. Charles said he was not surprised at all.  Obviously, he knew that it would all work out!

I’ve had cold feet several times, but every time, I would get nudged again. Once was by an email I received from The Good News Factory. A wonderful story about music and how the Lord uses us, despite our failings!  That’s when I realized, if it was right for me to record my music, then it would happen, and the Good Lord would give the increase.  The biggest nudge I had, was this last Sunday in church. Pastor read a verse that had impacted his life, in a profound way. A verse that he didn’t remember reading in his Bible! I’ve read through my Bible a few times, and I did not remember reading it either! Romans 11:29 says ‘for Gods gifts and His call are irrevocable.’ Gifts are not given, so we can keep them to ourselves, gifts are something we need to share! Hide it under a basket?  NO!

So now, I will say “Yes!” There are so many reasons to be excited about the journey I’m on! One of them is The Good News Factory!  They’re the reason I shared this part of my life, they want to publish this story!

I am so blessed!


10 thoughts on “But I said “No!”

    • He never ceases to amaze me with how exact His timing is! Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! I hope I can sing for you someday too, if not! Maybe you will get to heard a CD someday soon!

  1. This is so very exciting news!! I remember before you ever left the mountain, you asked me for a song that had meaning to me. I told you Hope You Dance by LeAnne Womack. A while later, you learned the chords and recorded it for me!!!♡ God is going to move you theough tunnels of adventures with your YES! I love you my sister and am so very thankful to call you friend.

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Yes! I am excited! I finished recording the seven songs that will fit without compressing them. He is working on mixing them down now and then I need to get the master copied and decide on a cover and a host of other decisions! Lol. But it is going to be an amazing adventure!

    • Thanks CinandJules! Yes they do! It never ceases to amaze me how the good Lord will work things out for me. Thanks for your comment today. Especially, today! I really needed that reminder!

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