A Tribute to Unconditional Love

A Dog?  Unconditional Love from a Dog? Yes.  I say.  A Dog. I think the Good Lord gave us dogs, so we could have some small understanding of what it really means to show, and to have, Unconditional Love.  How many times have I let her food dish run empty, and my Macha Girle just gently taps the side of her bowl, to let me know she is out of food or water.  Love is Patient.  How many times have we been waiting at the shop, for hours, while we get the van worked on, yet again. Despite being stuck in one place, for such a long time, Macha, is always willing to say hello, and give a little love, to everyone who walks by.  Love is Kind.  The little dog who lives at the shop, always stops by to say hello, and Macha never envies the fact that he has a regular house with a big yard to go to at night. She also does not boast about all of the traveling she gets to do.  That would never occur to her.  Pride, the wrong kind, is something only we humans have to deal with.  She would never dishonor another dog.  She is not selfish, though she may get angry with someone, for invading her territory, but, that is righteous anger, and does not easily happen.   Waiting in the van, keeping an ear out for my return, while curled in her bed, confidant, because she knows I will be back, when say I need to slip into the store for ‘just a minute’.  She keeps no records on how many times it took longer than I thought. No notes on the times we got home after dark, when I promised it would not happen again.  Waiting, patiently, for me to finish a meal, or chores, or errands, or appointments, so we can go back to our cozy little trailer and she can have her meal, and then curl up next to me, and know that all is right in her world. She does not like evil, she delights in the truth.  Her truth. That she knows she has a home with me, no matter how strange or bizarre it is, when compared to all of the other dogs she meets.  She always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Her Unconditional Love is always there for me.

My Macha Girle, who I rescued at four years old, just turned 11 years old, last Saturday.  That Birth Date is shared with my son, which I thought was so totally amazing, when I brought her home and went through her papers.  I don’t get to be with my son on his birthday very often anymore, but I have an adorable little dog to keep me company.  It makes missing special times with my wonderful son, a little easier to bear.


Here is my Macha Girle, waiting for repairs on our trailer, Little Gypsy, to be done, just four days before her 11th birthday. Because of the cost of all the recent repairs, she had no birthday treat, but she did not mind.  She never does, though we usually do some little special thing. She stays, patiently curled up on her little bed, when she is waiting in a public place, but as soon as I start to get up, she is up and looking at me, asking, “Is it time to go?”

Recently, I heard from two ladies, that I have been getting to know, who are also full time travelers, like Macha and I. They are the reason I am writing this post.  Each of them had just lost a dear companion.  A precious little bundle, of fur-covered joy, gone.  One lady had been expecting this for some time, since her, Bridget, was not doing well, and was already well on in years.  The other lady lost her, Gabriel, suddenly, while he was still young, not knowing why.  But in both cases, these ladies were there with their little doggies, at the end of their lives.  There to love them, and tell them, it would be alright.  I like to think of them as, Lady Bridget and Sir Gabriel, because each of them had a truly regal heart, as I believe most dogs do. Both of these dear ladies have shared about their loss, in a public forum, and have received all kinds of notes, and messages, filled with love and support.  Everything I have read, both the posts, and the responses, inspired me to write about this wonderful love, between a dog and their person.  I asked both of these ladies if I could write a post, and share a picture of their precious ones, on my little blog. To honor them, once more, in a special way.

I have lost dogs before, as well.  It is never easy.  I have looked into the eyes of a dying dog, twice, knowing they were saying goodbye, and told myself I did not want to go through the heartache of that loss again.  But each time, I remember the joy they brought into my life. That sense of family. But I think something extra, something very special, happens, when it is just you and your dog living together. Especially out here on the road. The Good Lord created all things, but the only thing that He saw, that was Not good, was that man was alone.  Family.  It is a part of who we are, and how we were designed.  Some say they become like a spoiled child, and I suppose there are those who do spoil them in a bad way. Just like you can find in a regular house down the street. But I say they can become like a beloved child. Discipline, and tough love, are integral parts of raising children.  It is the same way, or should be, with our dogs, if we love them right.  They can take a special place in your heart that is hard to describe.  While dogs may not be family, in the human sense, they can be a part of your family, in a very special way.  In the family of your heart. Your Life family.

Hearing about the recent losses of these two dear ladies, each on other sides of the continent from each other, caused me to think of my little girl, and though I try not to think of that day, the fact is, that I will, most likely, lose her too.  Unless she loses me first.   It made me appreciate my little, Macha Girle, all over again.  It made her few naughty habits seem inconsequential, once again, and has inspired me to write more about my little girl, as these two ladies have often written about their little dogs.  In fact, a post on one of the funnier sides of my Macha, is already being written, plus a post about how we first met.   But I wanted to take the time to write about the Love, the Unconditional Love, that I see from my Macha Girle, all the time, first.  That same love that, Sir Gabriel, and, Lady Bridget, shared over, and over again. Not just with the ladies they lived with, but with all of the people, and other dogs, they have met, traveling around the country.   I know, because I have seen many posts and pictures, and heard the stories, of the love they shared.

So this post is for dogs everywhere, and for the people who love dogs, and for those who are blessed to have a dog in their life, and for those who have found that dogs can answer, in so many ways, that deep need we have for companionship and love, especially when we are traveling alone.

However, it is with the highest esteem and honor, that this post is dedicated to two little dogs, Sir Gabriel, and, Lady Bridget, who are not with us any more.  May they both stand as a reminder, that for those of us who have their care, as our responsibility, we need to love them dearly, for their time with us is short, and so very precious.


To Sir Gabriel, who left in his prime,


To Lady Bridget, who lived her life so well,


From Macha Girle, with Unconditional Love.



16 thoughts on “A Tribute to Unconditional Love

  1. Beautiful, Rachel, absolutely beautiful! I’m touched by your tribute to Macha, to Sir Gabriel and Lady Bridget, and to all dogs everywhere who love us unconditionally. Thank you!

    Happy birthday wishes to Macha! I knew when I met her that I was in the presence of an extraordinary dog. May you share many more years, loving and traveling together.


    • Hi Sue!
      I am so happy to know this touched you so well. That is what I strived for, to touch people, especially people who love dogs.

      I will be sure to tell, Macha, that you wish her a Happy Birthday! Maybe I will give her an extra treat today, and let her know it from you. 🙂 I, too, hope we have a good long run together. She is an amazing little girl!

  2. What a lovely tribute to three adorable fur babies. Your post honoring not only your own precious pup, but the companions of two very special ladies who lost their beloved dogs recently is just beautiful. Thank you for acknowledging the role our pets play in our lives. Unconditional love indeed.

    • Hello Shawna,

      Thank you so much for your words. It means a great deal to me. I wanted this to be special, it is good to know I was able to write what I was feeling. Unconditional Love. Yes!

  3. Beautifully written. Thank you for honoring my sweet little Gabriel, Rachel.

    The date of this writing marks exactly 2 weeks since his sudden and unexpected departure from this earth. Living without him is something I could have never imagined. He was the most wonderful companion. I am learning to live without him day by day but I feel the loss of his life and spirit daily. He still has my heart. He will be missed and loved forever.

    I do believe he is in heaven and I will be reunited with him. I can ‘see’ him running and playing and getting lots of love there even now. And that comforts me. I

    always called him a good people magnet as everywhere we went, people young and old were drawn to him and their faces would light up even if they saw him from afar.

    Again, I thank you for honoring him and my heart and prayers go out to Lady Bridget’s fur mom too. God bless you and your sweet Macha. Love and prayers for you my dear sis-friend.

    • Hi Brenda,

      I am so sorry, again, about your loss, and so grateful that you, and Lady Bridget’s person, allowed me to share this post. I will be sure to pass on your message. Please know, I am still praying for you, as always, but more specifically these days. Take care my dear sis-friend, talk to you soon, I am certain.

    • Brenda, I’m so sorry over the loss of your beloved Sir Gabriel. Words cannot express the pain and emptiness you are feeling. We’ve lost four beloved companions and I know that we will experience it again. In time the pain will lessen, but the love never does. Take care.

    • Thank you, Brenda, for your prayers. It must be extremely difficult for you to have your Gabe pass on very suddenly and without warning. With Bridget I could see her departure from far ahead and could prepare myself and say goodbye. I’m very sorry for your loss and for the pain you feel.

      God bless you.


      • Thank you Sue. It was surreal. I was in shock. It is hard sometimes to grasp that he is gone. He would have been 6 on Jan 2nd. I never imagined something happening to him. I miss him terribly. Thanks again and all the very best to you.

    • Now, now, Doug, don’t tell all her naughty habits! Lol My Macha, she does make a mess of herself sometimes! I will have to capture one of those moments on camera. 🙂

  4. Hi Rachel, I found your site through RVSueandCrew. What a beautiful essay on the unconditional love of our companions. I too mourned over the loss of Bridget along with Sue. I’m sorry for Brenda’s loss of Sir Gabriel’s unexpected passing. I currently have two dogs and we love them with all our hearts, and know each day brings us closer to their loss, especially with our oldest who will be 12 this December. We’ve lost four before and it never is easy, never gets easier either. But we continue to love them each day and will most likely adopt others.

    • Hello Renee,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I wanted this to touch people in a special way. They are amazing, our little, or big! Companions. There is so much, that is funny and silly about my little girl. I will be writing about that too. It doesn’t make up, for losing them, but it certainly makes the journey worthwhile! I know I will always want to have a little one in my life. My Macha is such a joy. Thank you too, for your kind words to Brenda. This was her only sweetheart, and he is missed so deeply.

  5. So sweet!
    Happy birthday Macha! I remember the day you and Rachel met Sue and her crew! Take care of yourself and your mom!

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