Inexplicable Joy!


In the foreground, that lump under the covers is my little Macha girl, sitting on her throne, designed by yours truly, and built by my son, Charles.  Through the window, looking out of my van, Sassy, you can just see my son sitting in his truck, Olde Bleu

How can I possibly explain this photo, much less this day? It has been a very tough day. Cold and rainy. Charles and I have been going over and over the numbers, trying to figure out just how we can make everything work, within the parameters that are an intrinsic part of this journey to Kentucky.

Wait! Didn’t I tell you?  Well gentle reader, we are on our way to Kentucky! That’s right, We. My son Charles, is moving with me.  He is living in his pickup and hauling a flat bed trailer, and I am driving Sassy, hauling my trailer, Little Gypsy.

How did it happen? This whole story is an extraordinary example of the good Lord’s incredible timing.  Once more, He is closing doors, and opening windows, in my life, and the life of my son.  You have heard the saying “The Lord moves in Mysterious ways” that is not a quote from the bible, it is from an old English hymn written by William Cowper, yet it certainly describes these last few months.

February 10th my dad passed away and we went back east for the funeral. The train trip going out there, and the one coming back, are both worthy of posts all by themselves.  In fact, I could go on and on, about the wonderful time we had in Kentucky. Tears and laughter, sorrow and joy, but exhaustion will, most likely, keep me from my usual verbosity!

The amazing event during this part of my journey, is that I got better in Kentucky. A lot better.  My son said it was almost miraculous!  As you may know, I am Allergic to the 21st Century. The rest of the world calls it Environmental Illness, or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities with sensitivity to EMF/RF. Allergic, is not really accurate, since I am not truly allergic to chemicals. They are actually poisons for all of us, and my body, like one fifth of the population, just does not deal with toxins well. Anyway, I like to say that I’m Allergic to the 21st Century because it makes people smile. 🙂

Back to the short story? Oh, okay fine!

We were cold, wet and tired. Eating instant organic oatmeal made with water that was not quite hot enough. But it was so good to have something warm to eat.  We were sitting in the Natural Grocers parking lot, in Abilene Texas, right across from McAlisters Deli, which you can just see in the background of that first photo.  Both of us sitting, eating, in the drivers seats of our vehicles, knowing we had to go a little further yet that night.  We also had an organic beef hot dog, that we were eating cold. But as we each took a bite, while standing behind my rig, we thought it was pretty tasty, even cold.

Charles went to his truck to get out of the rain, and I went back to the drivers seat of my van, and there was a moment.  A special, joy filled, moment, that I doubt I can ever truly explain in a way, so you could understand the love that I have for my son. How can I describe, how incredibly proud I am, to have a young man like that as my son.  We were sitting there, cold, tired, and wet, but we looked through our rain streaked windows at each other. Each of us with a half eaten hot dog in our hands, and simultaneously, lifted that cold, but tasty, hot dog towards each each other in a silent salute.  We smiled at each other, both of us knowing, with out any doubt, that we were both happy in that moment. Content to be okay, right where we were at!  Getting down the road that little further was tough, driving in the rain when you are bone weary is so challenging, but that little moment, that shared bit of appreciation and happiness, with my son? That’s what makes life worth living! You can find them in the strangest places, if you are looking for them. Those little moments of sheer joy!


Me and The Boy!

It is a glorious thing, this journey called life! I am so blessed!


10 thoughts on “Inexplicable Joy!

  1. What a beautiful story and so love filled. I can truly understand your love for your son as I too have a son that I am so proud of. It’s that unconditional love that not only do I have for him, but he has for me. Thanks for sharing. So glad to hear that you are much, much better health wise, but sorry to hear of the passing of your father, but as you say, one door closes and a window opens. Best of luck to you in your move.

  2. I just loved your post! Those moments are precious. Blessings to you and your son as you begin your together journey! God is so good, isn’t He?

    • Yes! Thanks Cindy! The Lord is good, always! So many precious moments each day. I just have to remind myself to keep looking for them. They are all over the place!

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