Mountaintop Mama! 

I am certain that you remember the Queen of the Ravine. Okay, you’re right, it’s not likely to be something, anyone else but me, would remember, but you can certainly look it up. That’s the title of a post, that I wrote a few years ago.   I was so excited about the progress I had made in my health, that I wanted to tell the world about it! That’s what blogging is like to me, sometimes.  Like I am shouting from a mountaintop! 
This time I really get to do it from a mountain top! Now, like the Ravine, this may not seem like a great, big, huge, accomplishment, to you. In fact, even I, would not call this a mountaintop, under ordinary circumstances. But for me, reaching this particular place, at this moment in my life, is extraordinary! Not once, not twice, but three times, I went to the top of the mountain and back! Twice as a part of my morning walk. Then again, later, to take pictures.  I grant you, no walking occurred the next day, and since then, I have run into a few barricades.  But let’s take a moment and celebrate the victory that I had that day!


My spot was a little close to the road here, but doable. It is hard to tell in this picture, but my little mountain is centered on the left side, just to the left of the trees. It is not a very big Mountain, but anything up hill, has been extremely difficult for me. To be able to walk up this Mountain was amazing!

This is from my campsite looking down the road towards my mountain, right between the gap in those center trees.

My mountain top! Okay. Not much to look at?

But oh my! The Views! Here you can see where the little dirt road runs off my mountain top, and goes on through the great grasslands area of southeast Arizona, for miles and beyond.

From up here I can look down on the main road, as it winds away from my campsite. Like I said, this may not seem like I’m right on the top of a real mountain to you, but to me, this was an incredible climb!

The Vistas! Worth every huff and puff it took, to get back up there, to get these photos for you, and believe me, my photography does not do justice to this extraordinary place!


Here you can see, way off in the distance, my camp site! You can also see, from these photos, how extraordinary the sky can be, in this desert land, I have grown to love!

There is so much more that I wanted to share with you, but I’m not sure that I will ever be able to describe, the highs, or the lows, of my time at that place. It is not likely that I will go back to that location, so I’m doubly grateful, that I was able to get back up there, and take pictures. Doubly, because I wanted pictures for my son, my friends, and for you. But mostly, I wanted these pictures. I wanted this in writing.  I want to remember this day, and know, that I can attain that level of Health again!

Until next time, Gentle Reader.


2 thoughts on “Mountaintop Mama! 

  1. Hi, Rachel,

    Love your posts! I should get over here more often. I got a kick out of the previous post with Macha the Dirty Dog! What a cutie she is, clean or dirty!

    I love the grasslands, too. The air is fresh and there always seems to be a breeze. Stay well.

  2. Hi Sue, and Crew!
    I am back in the grasslands again, just got back here today. It is gorgeous here! 🙂 It is great to have you come out here and comment about some of our adventures. That Macha girl! She had so much fun that day! Thanks for stopping by!

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