When Macha came to live with me, I was renting a regular house, with a well fenced yard, and it even had a even a doggie door. Come to think of it, that’s probably one of the biggest reasons I even let myself think about getting another dog.  I felt like I had a good place for one.

When I rescued, Macha, she was 4 years old, and I was praying that she would be able to adjust to having a New Life with me. She did more than just adjust. In the short time I have had her, just eight years now, we have moved many times.  From the house, to babysitting at another house, to renting a room from a couple at church, to an apartment.  From there we moved into my little car.


The car was named Little Luna, because she was a Chevy Lumina and white like the moon.  She was not a tiny car, but she seemed very small after living in a big two bedroom apartment!

That’s right, and I will admit, living in a car? That was pretty tough. But things got better when we got the military cot.


Here we were parked at a friends place for a couple months.  We were staying on the back 40, literally!  She had 40 acres and we were up on the hill by the fence line.  It was so good to be able to stretch out! Believe it or not that lump in the cot is Macha!

Then we added the tent.


Miss Sleepy, just waking up. Glad we had the tent, since it was dryer than the cot, with only the rain fly on our sleeping bag!

After that there was the borrowed camper, but that did not last long.  The area we were in could not work for us. There was too much cellular signal, which means I was not sleeping. That was back in 2013.  I didn’t realize that until just now, but this “Not sleeping” thing, has been going on for a while.


Checking out the new neighbors.  The borrowed camper was on land near Snowflake, Arizona. I had hoped it would work, but the Lord had other things in mind for us.

Then we got our old van, Jehosheba, and we lived in her for over two years. Then in January of 2015, the good Lord provided my Little Gypsy!



Here is Jehosheba, pulling Little Gypsy.  Macha is just checking out who may have been by during the night!

Last summer we got our newer van, Sassy.


I am telling you, having Little Gypsy is amazing! Macha and I feel like we are living in the Taj Mahal! This location is out on Empire Ranch not far from Sonoita Arizona. It was one of my all-time favorite locations. Unfortunately the border patrol put up a new Cellular Tower and I had to move on.

Now we have Gracie, our newest van, and my Macha Girle, has adjusted each time.


Here we are, just off Mescal Road not far from Benson, Arizona. Gracie and Little Gypsy look good together, don’t they.

Moving every two weeks to a new spot is adventure for Macha.  Having a window to look out, a meal to eat, something to bark at on occasion, and me to love on, is all she really needs.  The house with the yard and the doggie door, would never have provided, all of the amazing stories we now have to tell of our life on the road.


Moving every two weeks, is not working for me anymore.  Not since I lost my winter location a couple years ago. When I was able to stay at the long-term visitors area, down close to Yuma Arizona, for four or five months each winter, then I was able to move every two weeks, for the rest of the year. But no longer. As you know, I have been traveling, Force Majeure, for almost 5 years now. Over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself running out of safe places to stay, all over, Arizona. Too many new cellular towers. Additional power substations. Wi-Fi, wireless broadband, microwave internet, and they’ve just approved 5G!! The list of communication devices, that have big emissions of electromagnetic fields, keeps getting longer, and stronger. Every time something new would move in, or get more powerful, I would have to move on.

I don’t sleep. When I’m too close to any of those items, and they all have their different ranges: Five miles from a Cellular Tower. Depending upon how big it is, at least three or four miles from a new power substation. Eight miles from a coal run power plant. At least 15 miles from a water driven power plant. Microwave internet? Wireless broadband? I’m not sure how close is too close, for those items, but if I can see, even a weak Wi-Fi address, on my tablet? I don’t sleep.

I tried to find a way to, permanently, live in the Elgin -Sonoita area, to no avail. Last year, my son left his job and went to Kentucky with me looking for a place to call home. Which didn’t work out at all. Then, even my beautiful little hill, my best sleeping spot, just north of Sonoita, stopped working.


My Little Hill is in the grasslands of Arizona, with some of the most extraordinary views!. It is a “Gated Community”. Yes. There is a gate. Provided by  Arizona game  and wilderness. That lovely spot is surrounded by mountains, with just enough room for me, and occasionally, a little company.

We tried a place in Colorado, last month, which worked for just over two weeks.  I was sleeping so well. The Gulch, the owner called it.  I said it was a Pocket in Time.  Then? Yup, someone set up a wireless broadband antenna, and my summer spot was gone.

So? We’re back in Arizona again. This time we are going to try a different approach. We’re looking for land! Hopefully, land that has an old dilapidated home on it. That way, we would already have a septic tank and a well. A place that is far enough out in the country, and deep enough in a ravine or canyon, so I will be out of range of all of those technological, EMF emitting, wonders.  There is still dirt cheap dirt in Arizona, and the cost of living is low here. If, my son, Charles and I, go in on the purchase together, we might actually pull this off!

I know, there is a risk. If somebody parks a big Cellular Tower in my backyard, it will be a problem. But I’m hoping and praying, that if we are diligent in our research, that event will not happen for some time. The fact that I will be living in one place, will allow me time to heal. If I can regain my health, enough, then electromagnetic fields will not have the same effect. If they do? Then at least we will own the property and I would be able to build some kind of EMF Bunker to protect myself. I was just talking with a lady today, who is “living in the bubble” as she called it.  I have to admit, for me, that’s a last resort. But I’ve come to realize, that this life on the road, is keeping me ill. Something has to change.

Besides. Unlike many of my friends, I have traveled most of my life. I was born an army brat, then it was 17 years on the road, the first time, and even when I was not living on the road, I rarely ever stayed in one place for more than a year or so. I long for a place to call home, while I am still on this mortal coil. I’m hoping the good Lord will provide that opportunity here, east of Kingman, in Arizona. I have been promising Macha a fenced area, someday, where she can really run! I have also been promising my son, that one of these days I would have a home, where he could come visit me, and have a comfortable place to sit down.  A home that had a second bedroom, that he could call his own, or at the very least, a living room, where he could come and crash on the couch, whenever he wanted to. I think, “Someday” has arrived! With the good Lords help, that dream, will happen. That dream of a place to call home, that I have longed for, most of my life, has turned into a goal!

Let the adventure continue! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Adjustments

    • Hi Cinandjules! Thank you so much! Don’t worry about misspelling her name. It happens all the time. The kids in the family who originally had her, were teasing and saying how macho she was, because she’s so muscular. The mother said she wasn’t Macho, she was a girl! The children all said, in that case, we will call her Macha! 🙂 She was four years old when I got her, and I love the story of how she got her name. She is twelve years old now. She may not jump as high as she used to, but she is still made out of coiled wire!

    • Hi 2DogsTravel! Your prayers mean so much to me! I do have a place to stay for awhile, and I did sleep last night. Now exhaustion is a great sleeping pill, but I felt good when I woke up, and that is encouraging. Hopefully, I can stay here while I search for just the right place.

    • Hi Terri! A real home at last. Doesn’t that sound lovely? My beautiful little trailer has made a wonderful home, and it may still continue to be home for awhile. But the thought of having a place, owning the land, that’s the exciting part! As you know owning land is very biblical, and to be able to have a little tiny garden, to grow flowers, to have a place for Macha to run, a home for Charles to come visit, where he does not bang his head when he stands up! A place to share with friends! A home!

  1. I hope it works out for you, Macha, and your son. That would be great for you to settle down in a safe area.

    • Hi Renee G! Thank you so much! I am hoping this will work out too! I am so excited about the possibilities. We are going to meet a realtor today. She is a Christian, and has already sent me some links on land that just might be possible! 🙂

  2. Would love to know how you’re doing, see an update on your blog or a note from you on rv Sue’s blog, sending prayers for all to be well with you and Macha

    • Hi Mary, Thank you so much for asking! How very kind you are. I have actually been working on a post that I’m hoping to get out tomorrow at the latest. It’s been an interesting Journey lately! 🙂

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