Idiotic Idioms!

Idiom: noun: a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., rain cats and dogs, see the light ).

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
On another wild-goose chase.
Pure as the driven snow
Diamond in the rough
A different breed of cat.
Don’t get the cart before the horse.
My knight in shining armor.
Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
A pig in a poke
A rolling stone gathers no moss
A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Open a can of worms
Two peas in a pod
A bull in a china shop
A chip off the old block
Barking up the wrong tree.
Curiosity killed the cat.
Close, but no cigar

That’s the prompt that was presented at River Writers. It is a group that meets once, every month or so, to enjoy time together, writing! I’ve never been to a writer’s club before, but it sounded intriguing. Here is part of the email that was sent out, that made me feel like I could go, and not feel like a total idiot, amongst others, that are, no doubt, more gifted in their writing skills.

Come if you care to test yourself, in a friendly atmosphere, writing spontaneously off of a prompt given at the beginning, or writing anything at all that you wish, in the company of friends and neighbors who are doing the same. All are invited. All are welcome. Hope to see you.

After all. Why else would you go to a writer’s club, unless you loved to write. Then I realized that I love to write, even though I’m not always that good at it. I told everyone there, that I was not really a poet, or any good at prose, but I could tell a story, and everyone said it was fine to just tell a story. When I read all of the different idioms, I started to laugh to myself, because I realized I could tell a story with these idioms, and then I wanted to challenge myself, and figure out how to put all of those idioms into one story.

Idiom Idiocy

Is he my knight in shining armor or just a pig in a poke.

Perhaps he’s a diamond in the rough, or a chip off the old block

I know he’s not as pure as the driven snow but he’s no wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Am I barking up the wrong tree or would we be two peas in a pod?

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in for a penny in for a pound!

Am I jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, and on another wild goose chase?

The last time I opened a can of worms, it was close, but no cigar.

He might be a bull in a china shop, or a different breed of cat.

I’m the rolling stone that gathers no moss, so don’t get the cart before the horse!

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

I grant you those last couple of lines may seem a bit contrived, but they actually do work, if you live in my strange world! We only had a half an hour to write, after the prompt. It took me about 10 minutes to come up with that silly bit of prose. Even as I was writing it down just now, I thought of a dozen ways to make it better, but I left it just the way it was, when I wrote it, so you could enjoy my nonsense too. I put down my little book, I sat back, and I said out loud, “That was fun!”. It’s when I spoke out loud, that I realized there was such wonderful silence. I had a chance to sit there quietly, with others, and watch the geese swimming in the pond. Something that I’ve been wanting to do, since I first came out here, and simply hadn’t had the time. As I was sitting there looking around, at some of the young ladies, and men, it made me think about that Knight in Shining Armor, on so many ladies minds, or that Princess in a Tower, that men may dream of, and I got a little bit more serious. Thinking about what I might want, or what any of us might want, in a husband, or a wife. So I picked up my pen, and I wrote this next short piece.

Is There Such a Man?

A knight in shining armor. Is there such a man?

Sir Galahad of old. A proper gentleman.

Perhaps he’s just a myth? A fairytale of yore.

Dashing to your rescue! But I want something more.

A man who’s been through trials. Who knows he has his faults.

Who’s learned from his mistakes. A man who’s worth his salt.

Everyone was invited to read what they had written afterwards, and I asked to read mine first, so that I could be done being embarrassed, by the time everybody else had read theirs! It was a lovely time. Everyone was very kind. One gentleman even noticed that I had added one more idiom, as the last line of my more serious form. As the other people there read, and not everyone did, I was impressed with the extraordinary Talent that lives along our River. The leader for this session, had taken a lot of the idioms and turned them into all kinds of different fun. Then there was one young ladies Idiom stew, that you could eat, and there was idiom stew, where he took the idioms and stirred them all together. One lady told a story about a kitty cat that had nothing to do with any of the idioms, but was absolutely delightful. One of the younger girls had written such a powerful deep poem. One wrote such a good story, that we all want to hear chapter two next time. Another gentleman, of eighty plus years, wrote about his life, and the changes that he had seen since television came into being, that moved all of us. One lady wrote a post for a Blog that she’s just started, a funny, but true, excerpt from her Farm Life. One that truly touched my heart, was a poem about grief, that a gentleman wrote. He wrote that grief was as pure as the driven snow. He was apologizing because everyone else had written things that were so much fun, and his was so filled with sorrow. One of the ladies there said it would be a very good contrast. So he shared it with us. I told him that it touched me, deeply, because it made me realize, all over again, that it’s okay to grieve. I told him I usually hide my sorrow in humor, or try to present some of the harder things about my life, with the funnier side of my journey. That even when I was writing the more serious side, it was hard to go on, because the grief was… Then. I couldn’t say anything else. But, he smiled, understanding, and said “Because it was welling up from inside.” I smiled and nodded. It was a wonderful and precious time, spent with other people who love the power of the written word.

There was one other aspect about this time, that I need to share with you. I realized that I was hesitating going, because I was going to be doing something, that was just for fun. I have been trying to squish any kind of fun thing to do, like visiting with friends, into my time when I have to go into town. As a result, my time was usually Limited, not just in the amount of time that I would have, but also in how I was doing, because I was trying to fit so many things into a day. I have been so concerned about funds, and rightfully so, that I have tried everything I can, to limit everything that I’m doing, to what is absolutely, and strictly, necessary. I also realized, that I had hesitated to go in the first place, because it’s been so difficult for me to write. All of the confusion and chaos that the toxins of this world cause in my mind, are slowly being cleared up. To be able to write again, is a wonderful thing! To be able to share that with others, is priceless.

When I was listening to the sermon on Sunday, after going to this lovely writing party on Saturday, the pastor had a question for us. What does the good Lord want you doing, today, or next week? As I was praying, two things came to mind. I thought that I would share them with all of you, so that you would know that I have two distinct goals in mind. It’s called accountability, and I hope that you, Gentle Reader, will help me be accountable.

First. Despite the fact that I am doing a lot of walking out here, already, I need to have a scheduled time of walking, with my little Macha. My goal is to be able to get to the mailbox and back. It’s not that far, it’s probably only about a quarter of a mile, one way, but there are some very steep hills, which have been very difficult for me for a long time. I know that I can walk that distance and back, on flat ground, because I just did it on Saturday. It’s the hills that are a challenge. That would be a personal Triumph!

The other thing that came to mind? I need to, finally, sit down, and write that book. The one that the good Lord has been nudging me about, for such a long time. I have lost track of just how many people have told me, that I really need to write a story about my life. The interesting part, is that each time they ask, or tell me, that I need to write, it’s about a separate aspect of my life. Some people want to know about my time on the road as an entertainer. Many people want me to write about the life that I’m leading now, living in my tiny little camper. Others want to know about how I came to know Jesus. Those stories are so intertwined, that I think it will end up being a book about my life of Joy, in Christ. Because ultimately, He has been the Author, of my journey. Whether anyone reads it or not, I think it would be good to write about the amazing and joyful things, and even the hard and painful things, that have all been a part of this crazy thing, called life!

I’ve been praying about it, and there is one more thing, that I really would like to accomplish, before the good Lord brings me home. I would like to be able to record my music.

Until next time, Gentle Reader.

The Path of Healing!

The Path of Healing!

Have you noticed?

When your path is so dark, and you are trying, so desparately, to find beauty, because you know it will help, finally, one moment stands out in your day? A flower unlooked for, a cloud lit from behind, the sudden smile from a stranger, or the loving embrace of a child. Then, as you hold on to that one moment, suddenly, another moment of beauty occurs? Where you looking for it? Did it just happen? Beauty is all around us. Once you start looking, truly seeking beauty, you will find that moments of beauty, will start to appear, at just the right times. Where you looking?



A friend of mine was concerned about how some of the heartaches, I had experienced in my life, had affected me. I told her, that the good Lord had already been helping me to heal, for many years, in the most profound ways. He still is! The Lord designed us, so that we can heal. Every time we are hurt, every time we go through hardship, even when we are suffering, it is always difficult, but we can find health. As we seek health, and the body is always longing to seek health, we learn. We just need to help the body, with our mind, and soul, in finding the right path, for healing.

But it is not just the Body, that can heal, and needs to heal, from all of the hurts, that this world provides. The Mind, and the Soul, can also heal! I know! I have been on that Journey, the Path of Healing, for the Mind, the Body, and the Soul, for a long time.

Even now, the good Lord is providing a new way, for me to stay, on that Path of Healing. A way, that I had not realized was so close to my heart, until today. A way for me to continue to heal, Mind, Body, and Soul, that will draw me closer to my Lord, which is always where true healing comes from.

I am going to have a garden! A beautiful fall Garden!

My wonderful Landlord, Gary, wants me to use at least 50 gallons of water a day, to be sure that his well does not silt up. For somebody, who is used to being limited to about 15 Gallons a week, that seems like a terrible waste of water! When I told my friend, Tom, that? He said I should throw a bunch of seeds on the ground, and see what happens! My gardening friends, Jean, and Amy, have organic seeds, that they are going to give to me!

I am going to have a garden! It has been so long, since I have been able to have a garden. It looks like I may even have enough money, from peoples gifts, to buy some wire fencing. I even have some pieces of a Saguaro cactus skeleton, that my landlord gave me, to help keep those pesky javelinas, and adorable, but ravenous, bunny rabbits, out of my, soon to be beautiful, organic garden!

Saguaro cactus skeleton. There is beauty, even in death.

A bare piece of land…

… becoming a beautiful Garden!

I am so happy, I can hardly stand myself! Tears of Joy, flowing down my face!

I am so blessed!

Grateful? For Cancer?!

I know. Crazy! Right?

But. It’s true.

However, let me be clear. I do not know, officially, that I have cancer, again, and I will never know, officially.

I don’t need a biopsy or a scan. I am already on the path of healing naturally.

I have known, in my heart, for a while, that the cancer was probably back. So I have been researching natural ways to heal. I have had some questionable blood test results, in the last few months, but now, I have some lumps around my collarbone, that shouldn’t be there. Plus, two things started happening that my cancer surgeon warned me about, 8 years ago. He said if they did start happening, that I should come see him right away. My voice is starting to get raspy, and it hurts to sing. For those of you who know me well, that last one, is the hardest one to bear.

It is time to take action! But I won’t be calling the cancer surgeon. Continue reading

For Today!

For Today!

Matthew 6:25-27, 34 (NIV)

Do Not Worry

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]? Continue reading

The Journey Continues…

The Journey Continues…

I was writing to a few close friends, whom I treasure, letting them know what was happening in my world. They’ve been concerned, more so than usual, because I’ve recently lost my dearest friend. No. That’s not true. I haven’t lost him. I know exactly where he is, and I will see him again, by and by. But, I will miss him, for all the time I have left on this mortal coil. That’s something I really can’t, and won’t, write about.

We were always very private about our friendship. Mostly because we were both so irritated by the fact, that people would automatically assume that there was “something going on” between us, when we actually had one of the most beautiful, Godly, friendships, that I have ever known. At this late stage in my life, I finally found out, how much fun it is, to have a gentleman, as a friend, and a friend only. He has made it possible for me to develop true friendships with other gentleman, when I never thought that would be an option for me. One of these days, I may write a post in his honor. If I do, it will be about something that would have tickled his bizarre sense of humor.

This journal, that I keep online for, Charlie and I, is very special to me. Sharing it with you, is special to me. This loss is a part of my life, that I somehow wanted to share. Like my friend, the tears, the depression, the heart aches, that we all experience, I usually keep in my private Journal. But, I wanted to have this in my online journal, too. I wanted you to know, that while there is heartache in my life right now, I had such wonderful joy and laughter. Even now, in the midst of my heartache, thoughts of him make me smile. My long time friend, and pastor, Walt, always says, that when a Christian dies, we should clap our hands with joy and say, “Alright! Another one made it!” It is the hole in our lives, the ones they leave behind, that is so hard to face. Death, is a part of the Journey. I wanted you to know, but in death, as in life, my relationship with him, will remain private.

Before the tears start again. Continue reading