Better Days Ahead!

For those of you who know anything about thyroid numbers, you will probably be appalled, when I show you where I was at on Monday! Please be assured that I am now taking some T3 medication along with my naturally desiccated thyroid medication. I will be adding more T3 every fifth day to try and … Continue reading Better Days Ahead!

A Bad Reaction

Once again, a letter to a friend is turning into a post. Dealing with all of these sensitivities can be challenging! But trying to figure out which one is causing the problem, that day, can really be a bear! My son went to visit the doctor with me one time. The doctor told my son … Continue reading A Bad Reaction

The Ooze and My Champion!

The Child Within. If you've been around on this Mortal coil for a while, I suspect you know who I'm talking about. You first discover about that, Child Within, when something is bothering you, that doesn't make sense, and you don't know why. At least not until you suddenly realize it's actually triggering an old … Continue reading The Ooze and My Champion!

To Live? Or Connectivity.

As most of you know, I am Allergic to the 21st Century! It's not just the chemicals, that cause me issues. It's also the electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies. I was going to get satellite service out here, to keep me off of the cellular devices. My little phone was the first to go. Most … Continue reading To Live? Or Connectivity.